• Lisa Crawford-Thomas

Skincare Storytime

Everyone's skin tells a story and mine is no exception.

Learning how to treat and manage my skin was no easy feat. I’m still learning. Simply dealing with hormonal issues that come with womanhood is enough. Throw in eczema, extremely dry skin, itching, acne, blackheads, food and skin sensitivities and you’ve got me. The struggle is real!

My skin care journey began with a bicycle accident as a young girl. I damaged my face so bad that my Mom was rendered speechless, and she was a nurse at the time. The thing that I most remember was wondering what was on my head. I kept swiping at the object on my head, but it would not move. What I didn’t know at the time was that that object was my forehead, which had tripled in size. Great. I was already teased for having a large forehead. I suffered a concussion, tore every bit of skin from my face, and my left eye was swollen shut. Get the picture? It took a long time for my scars to heal, even longer for the scars on the inside.

To this day, I don’t like to take pictures and try my best to avoid the spotlight. However, I did learn something valuable from that ordeal. I learned to see people from the inside out. Beauty on the outside doesn’t always mean beauty on the inside. That experience also taught me that words hurt and often stay with you, true or not. The teasing and ridicule that I experienced left me insecure and lonely. We can’t always change things as fast as we would like. It took almost a full year for my face to heal completely. In my efforts to reduce scarring, I started mixing anything that I’d read or heard would make my skin beautiful. I never imagined that accident would lead to starting my own skincare business.

Let me be clear, I’ve never wanted to be in the spotlight. Sharing this experience was difficult for me, but I know it will help someone. I’ve tried many products, some more expensive than others, without any results. I know what it is like to feel unpretty because of your skin. I don’t have all the answers to every skin irritation, blemish, or scar. I only know what has worked for my family and myself and I’m willing to share it. That’s how Cura Bello came to be.

Cura Bello Body Moisturizer, LLC.

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